This is the official site for sBugs, an open-source defect tracking system. sBugs is written in JSP and Java, and currently uses PostgreSQL for storage. The front end is web based, and will run on any platform with a current JVM using Tomcat, an open source JSP/Servlet engine. Since the backend only supports PostgreSQL at the moment, you'll need a Linux or BSD (or other supported OS) to run the database. We're always looking for more developers, though, so if you want sBugs to run on another database, feel free to join in and help out. You don't have to write code to help out, either - theres plenty of documentation to be written, this website needs to be maintained, and even just submitting defects will help us. Also, while we're very grateful to the fine folks at sourceforge, we'd love for sBugs to track its own defects someday. Its capable of doing so, our main problem is that we don't have a publicly available machine to host it on. So, if have a server with JSP and PostgreSQL and would like to help out, please let us know.

Go to the sBugs Sourceforge site, which includes all the source, released files and builds, the bug tracker, mailing lists, etc.

sBugs developers use and heartily recommend jEdit, an amazing programmer's text editor.

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